Successful Outcomes

At the American School of Guatemala, we value the contribution each one of our students bring to our school. Their individuality enriches the legacy of meaningful lives everyday.


of Seniors attend college


of Seniors attend college outside Guatemala

Tufts University
CAG students attend these top Colleges


is awarded annually in scholarships


of Seniors advance towards STEM degrees

Dr. Eddy Gharzouzi
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Works at INCAN
An institution that provides cancer treatment for Guatemalans in need.
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Student led initiative
Solar Panels Project

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Student led initiative
Recycling Project

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Alan Tenenbaum W.
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Teaches us how to build
a positive future
from the rocks
that life threw at him.

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Meaningful Lives

Dedicated to serving one-another as well as
the world around them

Our Mission

The mission of the American School of Guatemala is to empower its students to achieve their full potential and to inspire them to lead meaningful lives as responsible members of a global society.

Serving Our Students

A Dynamic Bi-Lingual Academic Program

For students pre-kinder through grade 12

Latest News

The CAG swim team will be making a splash March 13-17 while hosting the annual AASCA Swim Tournament. For the first time, CAG will be live streaming this athletic competition so everyone can be a part it. We will push out the access to the stream next so stay tuned!

The Hive Student Garden Project by Elizabeth Gourlis, CAG Teacher

The Hive has been busy in its first month back! We are in full swing with planting flowers with our Garden Club and some of the 2nd grade classes! We are pretty curious to see the first signs of growth!

We have spread our gardening projects into classrooms with a Kitchen Scraps and a Micro-Green kit! These kits will allow teachers to start growing plants in their own classrooms via nontraditional methods, with the idea that new plants might find their way transplanted back into The Hive. We also have a Pre-K classroom that has pledged to garden in our of the garden bed. We hope to get more beds created and usable for other classrooms soon.

There was an article released recently that stated The bacteria that is found in soil may stimulate serotonin production, which makes you relaxed and happier. The bacterium appears to be a natural antidepressant in soil and has no adverse health effects. These antidepressant microbes in soil may be as easy to use as just playing in the dirt. We, of course, know but we are glad, getting dirty, is getting some good press!

We have also started composting with worms, which is also known as vermicomposting. We would love to share more on this, once we are sure the worms are thriving in their new environment.