CAG Board of Trustees

The Role of the Board

The CAG Board of Trustees stewards the mission and purpose of our school. The role of the Board is to hire, support, and evaluate the General Director; oversee strategic planning to ensure the school's programs are effective and aligned with its mission; provide financial oversight of the school's budget and operations; ensure the legal and ethical integrity of the school; ensure proper succession and induction panning of Board members as well as undergo a regular cycle of self-evaluation for transparent mission centered governance. 

GAG Trustees are advocates for the school; they actively support the General Director, keep well informed about the school's current operations, challenges and goals, and regularly attend and contribute meaningfully to Board and Committee meetings.

The Board of Trustees oversees a number of standing committees, which are comprised of both trustees and individuals (ad-hoc) members who are not trustees, with the exception of the Executive Committee, Trustee Committee, and the Finance Committee which are only comprised by trustees. 

It is not the duty of a trustee...

  • It is not the duty of a trustee nor the collective Board of Trustees to operate the school, nor to evaluate, hire or fire faculty, staff or administrators.
  • Board members do not interfere with the admissions process.
  • Board members are not involved in disciplinary issues.