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Respect for Diversity

At CAG, we wish to foster an atmosphere of respect in which all members of our community feel safe and secure. It is our objective to raise sensitivity and awareness of diversity in the world and specifically in our school community.

Two of our stated beliefs:

  • Our students, as individuals, have unique intellectual, social, emotional and physical characteristics and needs.
  • Learning should be developmentally appropriate (at the right age and stage of learner readiness) and take place within a physically and psychologically safe environment.

These beliefs drive us to maintain an environment that demonstrates and values respect for human differences.

Our definition of diversity...

includes, but is not limited to, characteristics such as ethnicity, religion, nationality, culture, language, socio-economic level, physical appearance, physical disabilities, family situation, gender, sexual orientation, opinions, age, and learning differences. It is considered unacceptable for any community member (staff, students, or parents) to behave in a manner deemed disrespectful, intolerant, insensitive, or aggressive to another member of the community.

*In an academic, college preparatory program, students will occasionally be exposed to information and assignments that are different than their personal beliefs and world views. These assignments are not meant to contradict religious or cultural beliefs but rather to encourage students to understand the world in a more profound and complex manner.