Lower School

Pre Kinder - Grade 5

Taking the first steps on the Journey towards nurturing a Meaningful Life

Lower School offers a student-centered curriculum and gives the students the opportunity to learn many skills through a variety of activities. The first step students take into their educational experience at CAG, teaches children to construct meaning and knowledge through diverse, multi-sensory experiences that allow them to explore, ask questions, and make discoveries. Student-centered learning experiences and projects, as well as teacher directed ones, are geared toward skill development as well as bilingualism. Our program offers exciting and diverse learning opportunities, including enriching experiences in academic areas, the arts, technology, engineering, physical education, and a wide variety of extended extra-curricular activities after the regular lower school day.

We believe every child is a unique individual and should thrive in a happy and safe environment while being treated with respect. 

Lower School Leadership Team

Raymond Schmidt
Lower School Principal                                          rschmidt@cag.edu.gt

Sonia de Figueroa
Lower School Assistant Principal                          sfigueroa@cag.edu.gt

Krystal Cordero
Lower School Assistant Principal                          kcordero@cag.edu.gt

Cynthia Figueroa 
Lower School Assistant Principal                          cfigueroa@cag.edu.gt