Tuition and Fees


Payed August through May on a monthly basis (10 months).

2019-2020 Pre-Kinder Kinder-Grade 1 Grades 2-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
Total Annual Fees
Q57,070.00 Q73,940.00 Q75,520.00 Q77,440.00 Q79,980.00

* A 3% discount applies if the entire annual tuition is paid before August 10, 2019.

Enrollment/Re-enrollment Fees

Enrollment Fee (Bono) - new studentsUS$3,200.00 (sibling 1 and 2)
US$2,750.00 (3rd sibling)

Re-enrollment Fee - returning studentQ4,555.00 by May 10,2019
Q4,755.00 after May 10, 2019

Additional Fees

We encourage ALL CAG families to use school transportation. This year we are able to offer a 0% increase on busing fees and we continue to extend a 5% discount for the third sibling rider.

Bus Service Pre- Kinder
(Only mornings)

Bus Service Kinder - Grade 12Q.780.00
Accident Insurance FeeQ629.00