Giving Back

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to nurture its future. At CAG, we are fortunate to have generations of CAG friends and family support our school to ensure the founding principles of the American School of Guatemala are carried forward within each new generation of student. This means every donation made advances the school´s mission by enhancing the value of the educational program in ways that have defined the CAG spirit throughout the decades -values-oriented, innovative, dynamic, actively-engaged and service-oriented- all qualities that shape the lives of CAG students meaningfully, in ways that are relevant for global citizenship and vital for the ongoing development of Guatemala.

Every gift, like every student, is important to the school. All gifts are a statement of support for the school’s mission and ensure that CAG continues to impact.

  • Student engagement with learning
  • Student future choice
  • Student emotional state
  • Breadth of student perspective
  • Student behavior
  • Teachers connection to students and CAG
  • CAG's brand and Value Proposition

Pathways for Giving

Professional Excellence

Gifts to Professional Excellence are recruiting, developing, and retaining engaged and innovative subject matter experts who in turn have a direct impact on exceptional student learning. On-site and Off-site professional development attendance, action research, and cutting-edge technology integration require commitment and resources. Contributions support teachers by offering meaningful professional development to keep faculty student-centered, inspired, and at the forefront of their field.

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Building Excellence

Gifts to Building Excellence support the development of a master site plan and for the upgrade of the campus facilities, which enhances programs Pre-Kinder through Grade 12. Gifts to Building Excellence are currently designated for the up fit of the cafeteria and the construction of Learning Enrichment Center and the STEAM Programs.

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Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in 2017 by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of sustaining our school as a vibrant, world-class educational institution over the long-term. Many of the world’s best schools have endowment funds, founded through the generosity of donors, which enable the school to stay at the forefront of education through the interest from this funding for key innovations and programs. It is our aspiration that the Endowment Fund will play a similar, strategically important role in shaping the future development of CAG.

Interest generated from Endowment Fund will support the PBA program and Meaningful Lived Scholarship Fund for the 2018 Anual Fund.

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Meaningful Lives Scholarship Fund

Gifts to the Meaningful Lives Scholarship Fund provide full and partial scholarships to students who qualify for the PBA program and families experiencing financial difficulties. This scholarship fund allows students to attend who would otherwise not be able to afford the CAG program or would have to leave the school because of financial hardship to continue their education at CAG. The ultimate goal of this fund is to build an income-producing endowment that will support students at CAG for generations to come.