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Focus Groups:

Over 100 members of our community participated in our Master Facility Plan Focus Groups to become a part of the plan that will rewrite CAG's future. 

MFP Booklet

CAG is undertaking a campus master plan that will help ensure that the school’s facilities continue to effectively support teaching and learning.  

This master plan will help guide decision-making and investment in the school’s campus and buildings for the next twenty years. Perkins Eastman, an international architectural firm with expertise in designing schools around the world, will assist us with this process.

The process begins with their learning about CAG, its community, curriculum, culture and campus with focus group discussions with our different stakeholders to understand through different perspectives:

  • What is essential to the CAG education? 

  • What aspects of the campus work well to support that education? 

  • What aspects do not work well?

  • How might teaching and learning change in the future, post-pandemic?

  • And, how might this influence our thinking about the design of the campus. 

A Dream, a Plan, a Campus