Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why does CAG need additional sources of funding?

It is increasingly challenging for schools to attract and retain the best teachers, to provide excellent academic and extracurricular programs, and to equip, build and maintain state-of-the-art facilities. The Board of Trustees and the administration are aware of the impact of rising costs on our families and those companies who support the school through tuition and fees. As an independent, non-profit school, school fees are our only source of funding. With an Annual Giving program, CAG will have future fundraising to provide a long-term source of additional funding. Gifts will help to offset the increases in school fees needed to provide the excellence in programs, teachers and facilities to support the hallmark of an CAG education.

Q2: Why do supporters give to American School of Guatemala?

CAG operates as a nonprofit organization. In 2016/2017, 79% of the CAG’s operating budget funded the educational program, which was directed towards the following:

  • salaries and benefits for all local and international teachers and staff
  • provided educational materials to enhance the Pre-Kinder-12th grade academic programs
  • funded technology and digital access for information, learning and teaching

The budget also funded important global professional development experiences made available for all CAG teachers and administrators. And finally, the budget provides an education to over 50 full-scholarship students in grades 11 and 12. The remaining 31% of the budget was directed towards operational expenses for physical plant maintenance, security, transportation costs and operational staffing.

Giving to CAG helps fulfill the school´s founding principles by ensuring the school´s student experience and professional opportunities remain innovative, entrepreneurial, and benevolent by keeping its mission strong for each new CAG generation.

Q3: What does the CAG Annual Fund support?

Donations support competitive student programs such as PBA scholarships, math and science competitions, Destination Imagination, and international travel for CAG students to compete in athletic and academic programs. In the last few years, the CAG annual fund also supported facility improvements to enhance the student experience, such as renovations to the cafeteria, playground upgrades and improvements to the arts and science programs throughout Pre-Kinder to-12th grade.

Q4: How will your support make a difference?

Giving to the American School of Guatemala is impactful and meaningful for today´s students and for our school´s future. Every donation to the American School of Guatemala impacts our learners in meaningful ways and works to solidify our school´s mission by making sure the CAG legacy lives on with each new generation.

Q5: What is the Endowment Fund?

This fund was established to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of CAG, and ultimately to reduce the school's dependence on tuition and fees to fund program enhancements. In future years, these funds will provide a regular income as well as the long-term stability offered by capital savings.