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Enhancing an active lifestyle

"At Alma Active, we seek to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. By supporting the YSA program with P.E. uniforms, we want to encourage students to enjoy their athletic activities with comfort so that they find the fun in being active early on and hopefully acquire a lifetime habit of exercise."

Cris Acevedo Valenzuela, Class of 2003

Generosity In Kind

There are many ways to support CAG´s mission, and CAG appreciates gifts-in-kind, such as computer hardware and software, supplies for sports, supplies for laboratories, library archive collections, musical instruments, and other supplies that otherwise need to be purchased. While in-kind donations are often received from corporations, individuals can also contribute.

All gifts-in-kind are reviewed, accepted, and officially acknowledged. For more information to discuss gifts-in-kind, please contact our Development Office or call 2500-9595 ext 1145.

Make an in-kind donation