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Grade 10 AP Art History

invites students to discover the diversity in and connections among forms of artistic expression throughout history and from around the globe

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Grade 11 Drama

purpose of bringing students closer to the practice of the scenic event and to the appreciation of theatrical art

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Grade 12 AP Psychology

designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals

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Grade 12 Calculus

helping students to develop an understanding of the derivative and its applications and introduces students to some of the techniques and applications of integration

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Grade 12 Drama

works with dramatic proposals that include the 13 symbols of theater through which students project their potential

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Grade 3 Math

fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide within 100, multiply one-digit whole numbers by multiples of 10 in the range 10-90

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Grade 6 Math

learn to connect ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division and use concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems

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Grade 8 Art

técnica de acuarela para desarrollar su creatividad. Aprenden también acerca de cómo está formada la figura humana

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Grade 8 Music

los alumnos realizan un concierto de clausura para poder experimentar acerca de todos los elementos indispensables que se requieren para llevar a cabo una presentación en vivo

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Grade 8 Science

focuses on Space Systems, Astronomy, History of the Earth / Biological Evolution, Forces, Motion, and Human Energy and Interactions

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Pre-K Lenguaje

el desarrollo de destrezas de investigación que promueven en los niños, a través de la exploración y el descubrimiento como método de aprendizaje

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