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Grades 9-12

Embarking on a life full of meaning.

High School recognizes the unique characteristics and needs of teenage students in the 21st century through a holistic approach to education that supports their development as complete human beings. 

High School students work toward fulfilling our school mission as they develop skills through rigorous academic programs in English and Spanish, explore expertise with a full menu of electives, compete in national and international events, and experience opportunities in community service and internships.  

Our Program


Minimester courses are 1-week intensive courses, offered twice a year, that allow students to explore various hobbies, personal interests, career paths, and other topics not typically provided in a traditional year-long class.

Courses are developed based on student and teacher feedback, allowing us to be responsive to our students' current needs and passions. They are taught by teachers, students, and other staff members.

Minimesters are part of a dynamic program that promotes future exploration and preparedness for life beyond CAG.  

Student-Centered Course Catalog

In an effort to co-design and co-create a high school program with our students, we prioritize incorporating student voice and choice within their course selection. Students are able to propose courses they believe would enrich the overall high school experience.

Every year, we gather student and teacher feedback about courses that could be added to our current program. In the last four years, the high school has added more than 15 new courses, with more on the horizon. 

We believe that students should have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and explore a variety of topics as they begin to build their future. 

AP Course Offerings

AP Courses provide our students with the opportunity to engage in university-level curriculum and potentially obtain university course credit through the AP exams attached to every course.

We offer over 20 AP Courses, including AP Capstone, AP 2D Art, and AP Micro. Students at CAG can start taking an AP course during their freshman year.

All AP Courses have prerequisites such as specific grades and teacher recommendations. Our AP program allows us to provide enhanced academic rigor and challenging coursework to those who qualify. 

Definition of Learning

Aspirational Learning at CAG is a dynamic and iterative process that engages learners in authentic experiences that further develop their unique values, voice, and purpose. In a physically, socially, and emotionally safe environment, learners are empowered to be the co-designers and creators of their own learning as they collaborate, innovate, and act ethically and empathetically to make an impact on an ever-changing world.


Read our Respect for Diversity Statement here

We Believe

  • Our students, as individuals, have unique intellectual, social, emotional and physical characteristics and needs; 
  • AII students can learn, and they learn most effectively when they are actively engaged in the learning process when they are faced with challenging expectations and when they are held to clearly defined standards of excellence; 
  • Learning should take place within a physically and psychologically safe environment; 
  • AII members of the school community, which includes faculty, staff, parents, and students share the responsibility far accomplishing our mission; 
  • Continuous improvement is essential to providing quality educational opportunities for our students. 

High School Leadership Team

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