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  • Student academic records are reviewed to determine the students who are eligible for membership. Students must have an overall average of 90 to be invited to apply for NHS membership.
  • Eligible students are notified and informed that they are to complete the candidate information form for further consideration for selection.
  • The faculty council reviews the candidate forms. The leadership, service, and character of all candidates are carefully considered. Council members vote on each candidate, and those receiving a majority vote of the faculty council are invited to be inducted into the chapter. The full results of the vote will not be made public. All candidates, even those who are not selected, are notified. If necessary, the faculty council can interview the candidate.
  • Before notifying the candidates, the council presents a report to the principal, including the list of the selected and non-selected students and the reasons for non- selection.
  • A formal notification is sent in writing to all selected candidates and their parents. Students who were not selected are also informed.

Parents should understand that the NHS treats all four requirements very seriously. In this sense, a student needs more than just good grades to be considered for acceptance.