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The Teacher Induction Program offers teachers a thorough learning experience aimed at cultivating both leadership skills and contemporary educational practices.  

Each year, CAG extends invitations to recently graduated teachers who aspire to pursue a career in education, encouraging them to take part in the Teacher Induction Program. The program is sponsored by the School, contributing through its status as a laboratory school.

The Program aims to contribute to the academic preparation of teachers in Guatemala, supporting their professional development and fostering training across various grades and sections of the School.

The Program comprises a two-year paid internship, offering a scholarship for two semesters of higher education at the Faculty of Education of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG). Additionally, student-teachers receive English classes taught by native professionals, access global professional development opportunities, and more, all as integral components of their academic and professional experience.


The school is distinguished by a strong foundation in teaching and learning. We foster critical thinking, enriching the learning experience through the valuable contributions of teachers.”

María Teresa de Chacón, Technical Director

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