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At The American School of Guatemala (CAG), we understand that each child sees the world through a unique lens.

We value and find joy in knowing that our students at all ages and stages grow and develop at their own pace as they work towards common standards and goals established within our rigorous program. 

CAG strives to provide differentiated instruction and enrichment activities across the curriculum. To support this work, the Learning Laboratory is a P-12th grade department operating within the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning; its mission is to provide students with specific skill-based reinforcement provided by highly qualified learning specialists. 

The Learning Laboratory aims to develop inclusive community-based programming that serves all members, understanding that individuals will need support at different times and in different ways. The Learning Laboratory implements a consistent, team-based approach and data-driven processes to provide a continuum of services through research-based practice and resources for all stakeholders involved (students, parents, faculty, and community members) in support of the school's core values, mission, and vision.  

CAG's Learning Lab responds to unique learning needs by utilizing:

  • Evaluation tools
  • Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Coaching
  • Consultants

Students who need specific support or enrichment within or beyond the scope of academic and/or social skills for:

  • learning differences 
  • language acquisition/speech/ communication challenges 
  • social/emotional difficulties
  • developmental delays
  • motor and/or sensory impairments

may qualify for additional services provided by the Learning Laboratory.

Learning Lab Roles & Responsibilities


Learning Specialists will consult with teachers on strategies to use in the classroom to support and enrich the student's academic experience. 


Learning Specialists will collaborate with classroom teachers on instructional practices, intervention, enrichment implementation, and accommodations. 


Learning Specialists will design and implement intensive interventions and enrichment. 

While the Learning Laboratory offers some evaluation services, it does not currently offer a complete battery of diagnostic services. In some cases, staff and administration may require parents to seek external evaluation and report results to the school in a timely manner. A reevaluation must be done every three years after a child has been receiving learning support services. Reevaluation can occur more frequently if conditions warrant or at the request of the parent or section principals.

Finally, the Learning Laboratory is an extension of the academic program, not a replacement. It does not serve in diagnosing or treating student challenges. It is intended to be a center for learning and focuses on building self-awareness and skill development for our community.

It is also important to appreciate that CAG has a history of excellence in delivering a rigorous college preparatory program. We make every effort to support the learners who are a part of the CAG community, yet we may not have the resources or expertise to support students with specialized needs beyond our scope. In these cases, the Learning Laboratory will work with principals, teachers, and counselors to counsel a student and family in ways that are caring and nurturing into a school environment which can better serve the child.