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Grades 6 - 8

Charting the course towards a life of meaning.

Middle School provides a learning environment designed to meet the unique needs and interests of young adolescents. The Middle School section is a bridge between the Lower School and High School and where the journey towards a meaningful life continues to solidify. 

The purpose of the CAG middle school experience is to help students acquire skills for future success in school and life, while following a balanced and age-appropriate program that transitions them to a deeper and more robust learning experience. Our curricular programs address academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, character development, and relationship and community building.

Our Program


At the end of the first and second trimesters, we stop our regular academic program and run a one-week enrichment opportunity for students called Middlemesters. This enrichment opportunity allows for greater student choice and creates an environment in which students can explore their passions.

Taking student voice and feedback into consideration, teachers offer a variety of classes outside what students may experience in a typical school setting. These may include, but are not limited to, classes such as Recycled Jean Fashion, Scouting and Survival Skills, or Rube Goldberg Design Challenges. Students will take only two classes for the duration of the week. 


To provide opportunities for students to receive individualized support and interventions during the school day, we offer What I Need (WIN) blocks and flex time throughout the schedule. These blocks are sometimes teacher-directed and other times student-directed. During these times, teachers and students work together to identify what each student needs. Whether it be academics, behavior interventions, or social-emotional supports, students are directed towards a place that will give them what they need.

Middle School Showcases

Definition of Learning

Aspirational Learning at CAG is a dynamic and iterative process that engages learners in authentic experiences that further develop their unique values, voice, and purpose. In a physically, socially, and emotionally safe environment, learners are empowered to be the co-designers and creators of their own learning as they collaborate, innovate, and act ethically and empathetically to make an impact on an ever-changing world.


Read our Respect for Diversity Statement here

We Believe

  • Our students, as individuals, have unique intellectual, social, emotional and physical characteristics and needs; 
  • AII students can learn, and they learn most effectively when they are actively engaged in the learning process when they are faced with challenging expectations and when they are held to clearly defined standards of excellence; 
  • Learning should take place within a physically and psychologically safe environment; 
  • AII members of the school community, which includes faculty, staff, parents, and students share the responsibility far accomplishing our mission; 
  • Continuous improvement is essential to providing quality educational opportunities for our students. 

Middle School Leadership Team

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