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At The American School of Guatemala (CAG), we understand that each child sees the world through a unique lens.

We value and find joy in knowing that our students at all ages and stages grow and develop at their own pace as they work towards common standards and goals established within our rigorous program. 

To support the individual growth of each child, empowering them to achieve their dreams and lead meaningful lives.”Our Vision

The Learning Lab is a beautiful, dynamic, open space located in the heart of our campus. 

Our Mission

The Learning Lab aims to be an extension of the core instruction to serve the needs of students and teachers through differentiation, intervention, and enrichment, allowing each student to reach its full potential.  

The Learning Lab responds to unique learning needs by utilizing:

  • evaluation tools
  • evidence-based resources
  • professional development
  • coaching
  • consultants

Students who need specific support or enrichment for:

  • learning differences
  • Spanish language acquisition and/or communication challenges
  • motor and/or sensory needs

Learning Lab Programs

Learning Specialist Roles


Learning Specialists will consult with teachers on strategies to use in the classroom to support and enrich the student's academic experience. 


Learning Specialists will collaborate with classroom teachers on instructional practices, intervention, enrichment implementation, and accommodations. 


Learning Specialists will design and implement intensive interventions and enrichment. 

The Learning Lab provides services through our highly qualified Learning Specialists in Lower, Middle, and High School. General services include consultation, co-teaching, push-in support, or intensive intervention. Learning Specialists work with the child's educational team, which may include learning specialists, classroom teachers, counselors, outside specialists, and families, to develop and implement an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP outlines the child's current performance, areas of need, learning support services, and accommodations needed.  Utilizing these plans, we seek to provide an educational program that both challenges and supports each of our students.