Hornets At Home

Hornets At Home is CAG's virtual athletics program. It's the first phase of rebooting sports for the beginning of the school year with a structure model and detailed programming for the sports we have identified that can be done. 


What can you expect?

All sports will work with detailed programming and a module structure to see the student-athletes' progress and offer the best service possible. For each sport, we will be working by sections (not categories) for both male and female teams. 

  • Two to three practices per week
  • Optional and specialized practices 
  • One sports specific and another with an added element (E.g., challenges, motivational videos, nutrition, etc.)
  • Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour practice 
  • Two coaches will participate in each session for better service
  • Programs and equipment will be sent via email prior to virtual practice
  • Monthly calendarization is sent to parents
  • Programs are adapted to be appropriate in any environment, including indoors