Community Service

Impacting Guatemala, One Project at a Time

Along with rigorous academic work, CAG students undertake creative pursuits, physical activities and service projects. A great service experience should be both challenging and enjoyable, a journey of self-discovery that takes students out of their comfort zones. One of the main roles of CAG is to have an impact on students so that they impact their community. Partnerships with outreach organizations, help reach this goal.  From environmental groups, to translators for Helps, to supporting animal shelters, there is something for every student no matter their passion.

Habitat for Humanity, October 2019

Habitat for Humanity, October 2019

Through active participation students will

  • Foster a lifetime commitment to community involvement as an integral part of a meaningful life.
  • Promote a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship.
  • Cultivate an awareness of human circumstances and differences that extends beyond the student's typical classroom or home experience.
  • Motivate reflective, empathic and sensitive personal responses to the needs and experiences of others.
  • Enrich the learning experience through reciprocal and sustainable partnerships with outside organization, institutions, and/or foundations.